The Office

The Office

The Office

It’s All About Openness

Liberty’s office is located in Lake City Centre, a contemporary commercial tower at Production Way Skytrain station. Situated in the southwest corner of the top floor with full height perimeter glazing, the office features panoramic views and ample light throughout the day. Inspired by the light and views, Liberty set forth to develop a layout and material palette which would come together to maintain both.

The layout is based on a working perimeter and a supporting core, with an outside loop and a central spine forming the primary travel paths. The working perimeter is designed with the employees’ needs at the forefront, offering prime window exposure in a variety of enclosed and open office concepts. The supporting core includes a central production station, a kitchenette and a group lunchroom, all positioned to encourage natural interactions between employees as they pass through and congregate.

Work spaces are demised with a blend of clear glass and crisp, winter-white walls. Glazing elements are strategically incorporated to create view corridors across offices and into the common core. Doors are hung on sleek metal pivot sticks or barn-style rollers. Furnishings include simple, elegant pieces from Eames and MDF Italia as well as custom freestanding and built-in items constructed by Liberty’s skilled carpenters. Floors are polished concrete, both a complementary modern aesthetic and a reference to Liberty’s core construction material.


606 - 3292 Production Way
Burnaby, BC
V5A 4R4


604 235 1810